Breakup Recovery
No One Tells You How Painful A Breakup Can Be.

No One Tells You How Painful A Breakup Can Be.

No one tells you how painful a breakup or divorce will be until it has happened, and you find yourself totally alone in your specific world.

At that particular time, when you have left your Ex or your Ex has left you, you feel as if your world has totally collapsed around you, and you have this horrible sinking feeling.

Panic sets in and you start asking yourself so many erratic questions:

Why did it come to this?
How did it come to this?
Why didn’t he/she do so and so and we could have stayed together
Why didn’t I do so and so, and we could have saved our relationship/marriage?
How am I supposed to live now … without my other half’s assistance?
Where will I get all the money I need?
Who will help me pay the bills?
How about out children, what will I say to them?

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

 “This is going to kill me! I won’t be able to cope!”

Yes, you will cope! Human beings are resilient – that’s how God made us. We can cope if we don’t willingly throw in the towel! So, yes, you too can cope. I coped!

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