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My three novels have a common theme – Nigerian woman’s fight for survival in a a very traditional and patriarchal society. Please visit this website to read both more information on each novel as well as some excellent reviews. My first novel, Dizzy Angel, won several awards for its traditional values etc. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT.

Dizzy Angel is a novel about a girl whose reincarnations have caused her parents a lot of heartache. This time around, the parents are determined to find a way or ways to keep her alive. The Nigerian traditional and cultural values create many difficulties for Ogbanje's parents, as they try their hardest to keep their beloved daughter alive. Will they succeed? This is a "must read". CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
The Broken Bond is a novel about Belinda, and her family's attempt to survive the harsh living conditions in Nigeria for families who have no real means of livelihood. After her mother, the family's only bread-winner, dies in a sudden accident, Belinda is left to cater for her younger brother and their drunken and irresponsible Dad. Will she accept an offer of marriage from a hated Chief? This novel is very intriguing..Get it to see what happens. CLICK THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
Ada in London, Surviving the Traumas, tackles the conflicts that Ada, an immigrant teacher, faces in London, after being abandoned by her husband, and left with very young children to look after, with a teacher's salary that hardly covered her monthly bills....Many traumatic events happen and Ada had to find ways to survive without losing her faith in God. Get a copy to see if Ada actually copes. CLICK THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Recent Publications on and

Mother and Baby's Log - First 12 Months is a Daily Journal of Baby's progress from day one to 12 months. This is a very useful book for you if you are a new Mother or an expectant one. With 366 pages, you will have a very valuable record to share with your baby much later. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
Youngsters' Reading Log is a brilliant way of encouraging your children to read more books, review them and understand the characters. Reading and writing about a book and its characters will vastly improve your child's literacy skills. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
Senior Citizens' Daily Logbook is a Daily Journal for the elderly. The purpose of this Logbook is to help the Senior Citizen remember vital events in his/her life. Such events as planned activities for the day, medication, meals, other activities, etc. Carers will also find this to be a helpful resource book. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
How To Find and Sustain A Great Relationship is a Simple Dating Guide for Online Dating and off-line dating. It covers basic topics like How to create your online profile, how to identify and avoid scammers, how to be true to yourself without being too antagonistic etc. You will also have various strategies that will help you understand your own needs and your partners' needs, when you find one. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.
His and Hers Daily Gratitude Journal enables you to be happy and grateful, on a daily basis. You are given the space to record what makes you happy and therefore grateful. Gratitude has a way of opening your heart to more love. When you are grateful for what you have, however small, the Universe tends to reward your efforts with many more blessings. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO CHECK IT OUT.

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