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Breakup & Divorce Recovery


Breakup or Divorce Recovery Coaching

If you have had a breakup or a divorce, you will need help recovering from your haertache. 


If you don’t want to spend most of the hours of your day thinking about your Ex or crying over the “loss” of this person you thought would live with you forever, then book a free Discovery session with me below to get started on your journey to full recovery. And, yes, full recovery is possible with my specialist coaching.


You will understand how to do the following:
-Re-evaluate your situation and see the good in it
-Be grateful for the life you had with your ex, howver painful it was
-Accept your current situation, get calrity of what you can get from it
-Develop the right attitude that will enable you to move on with your life positively
-Focus on moving on positively to build a better future for you and your children if you have any
-And so much more.


Relationship Coaching: For Individuals or Couples.


Relationship Coaching.


Relationships can make or marr the lives of the couple. It is not always easy to find the “best” relationship in which you are happy forever after. When carefully planned and the partners are carefully chosen, a really happy relationship can mean that you, as a person, are really happy with your partner, your life, and your circumstances. 


If, however, you are unhappy with your relationship or with your partner, you will find the following could be happening in your life:

  • – Your unhappiness is affecting your personality

  • – You snap at your friends or colleagues, because you are upset with your partner and angry at yourself.

  • – You blame yourself for big and little things, etc

  • – Your nights are fairly restless, and you don’t sleep well.

  • – You begin to doubt your self-worth, and you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities…

  • And so on and so forth.


Dr Grace can help you fix your relationship issues so you can be happy again..if that is what you both really want.

Mindset Coaching
From Negative to Positive

Mindset Coaching

What is Mindset?
Mindset is simply the way you think and how those thoughts affect your actions and your life in general. Mindset Coaching will enable you develop a Growth or Positive Mindset that wil eliminate your negative thinking patterns. You will then develop more healthy and positive thinking patterns.

-How to stop sabotaging yourself with your negative mindset
-How to turn your negative /closed mindset into a positive/growth
-How to create a much happier life for yourself
-And much more.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching

  • Are you lacking in Self-Confidence?

  • Do you feel inadequate in the presence of your collegues?

  • Are you always apologising for things that you don’t need to apologise for?


  • Do you feel like you are being oppressed by your colleagues?

  • Are you able to put your points across in a meeting with colleageus?

  • Do you feel slightly ashamed of who you are?

  • If any of the points above or more like those apply to you, then you need our Confidence Coaching.


  • Dr Grace can help you rebuild your Self-Confidence and Self-Worth in a short period of time.

Career Advancement Coaching

Career Advancement Coaching Using the G.R.O.W. Model.

  • Helping you understand Your Life Purpose and what’s best for you to do as a profession (using Psychometric Tests)
  • Goal Setting at the very start so you get the best from your coaching.
  • Reality check of where you are at currently. 
  • Options that can help you move faster to where you really want to be in your career.
  • Way Forward actions that will propel you to the heights that you seek. 
  • Dr Grace will coach you weekly or fortnightly on Zoom or Skype, and hold you accountable so you can achiech your goals in record time.


Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive/Leadership Coaching.
Specifically for leaders or Executives


  • You learn about Your own Personality and the Type of Leader you are naturally.

  •  – Leadership styles that Get results

  •  – Team Leadership strategies – planning, delegating, incentives, etc

  • – In-depth study of your organisations specifics with the aim of 

  • re-structuring or improving your service delivery

  • – Your own or Your Organistaion’s specific needs, challenges and Way Forward.

  • And so much more.



Group Coaching or Speaking Engagement

If you need a Group /Team Coaching on any areas mentioned above, Dr Grace will be happy to provide a be-spoke Group Coaching 

for your Team or Group. The Coaching can be Online on Zoom or in situ – if you are in the United Kingdom.

If you would like Dr Grace to come to you, outside of the UK, you can conatct her to get it arrannged. Group Coaching

 will be charged as a One-day engagement.
To find out the Price for this, please contact Dr Grace.

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