Do you suffer from Procrastination? 

If yes, you are not the only one! This ebook is designed to help you overcome your tendency to procrastination. 

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 In this eBook you will find various strategies that can help you become more proactive 

and have plans in place to help you do what you really need to do and on time.

So, what could be stopping you from getting on with the task you need to do?

Several reasons come to mind.

– You are tired and need a little rest.. but the rest takes longer than planned.

– You have other things to do now, so, you postpone that very important job: “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

But when tomorrow comes, other things need doing – like taking your daughter out. 

So, you say to yourself: Never mind, I’ll certainly find time to do it tomorrow!”

– Then tomorrow comes, and you are not feeling that well: “Gosh,” you say: “This is really a bad

 headache. I need to rest”.

As for that important task: “Well, what am I supposed to do…I don’t feel well. It will just have to wait!”

And so the days come and go and your “very important task still waits on your shelf”!

That is an acute kind of procrastination! 

Consequences of Procrastination.

– You won’t achieve much in life if you keep procrastinating.

– Your mates will leave you behind because they have learnt to set goals and achieve them.

-You will be unhappy with yourself because you think you are “a failure”, all because you don’t seem to know how to

“Get on with it, and Get Things done!”

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