Dr Grace Anderson: Divorce & Breakup Recovery Specialist, Couples & Family Coach, Relationship, Mindset and Executives' Coach.

  • Accredited Transformational Master Coach
  • NLP Practitioner | Speaker | Best-Selling Author

                      DR GRACE ANDERSON: 


 Life can be quite tough and unpredictable sometimes. You had a plan for your life, then out of nowhere, something weird and distressing happens, like:

– A breakup

– A divorce

– Extreme stress 

– Burnout

– Loss of someone valuable 

– Loss of a job…

And so on and so forth…

If You Need Help…
– Recovering From Your Breakup or Your Divorce

– Saving Your Marriage or Relationship

– Recovering from Stress or Burnout caused 

at work

– Because You Are in An Abusive Relationship…
Do not suffer alone. Book a Free Discovery Call now to get started on taking back control of your life, so you can restore your happiness.

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Welcome to Dr Grace’s

Welcome to Dr Grace’s website!

Dr Grace is here to help you recover from the heartache of a broken relationship: either a breakup from a relationship, or a divorce from a loved one, who, now, no longer wants to know you!


I know the pain, because I have been divorced myself. It is even more difficult to cope with your breakup, if you have young children.


Breakup & Divorce Recovery Coaching.

If you are still asking a million questions that have no real answers, for example:

– about why this breakup happened to you
– why you are no longer good enough for your partner
– what your ex-partner’s new love has that you don’t
– how you are supposed to now cope with your life
– how to tell your children about your breakup
– whether you will ever find love again
– And many more hamster-wheel questions…

Then you are in the right place! 


What I Can Do For You…

I will help you make sense of your current situation and help you do the following very quickly:

-Get Clarity on your situation so you can take the right an necessary actions that will help you move on.

-Get the Right Kind of Support – eg a Lawyer, Financial Adviser, Friendly Support from people you trust, etc

-Focus on Healing Your Pain so you can start moving forward positively

– Take Over Control of your life so you can begin planning a much happier future for you and your children, if you have any..

And many more tried and trutes techniques that will help you recover from your pain within a short period of time.


 Having a breakup after you’ve been with someone for a while can be very challenging and distressing. 

To get you started on your recovery journey, make sure you pick up your Free Guide – Nine Steps To Recovery After a Breakup or Divorce – as shown above.

 Couples & Family Coaching & Relationship Coaching.

If you and your partner are struggling to keep your relationship happy, then you need help. It is much easier and better to make your relationship work, so you can avoid the heartache associated with a breakup or divorce. If you can find solutions to whatever your relationship problems are, it would be much better for you and your partner. Children are always much happier when their parents remain together, so, it is worth exploring my Couples Therapy Offer. 


We will look at the cause or causes of the problems and tackle them one by one. You and your partner would need to be seriously looking to find solutions and be willing to implement the various strategies that we will explore together during your Coaching Sessions with me. 

To avoid any conflict during the sessions between you and your partner, I will see you individually during the first few sessions in order to establish what your different issues are.

I have been coaching couples to success since 2008, so, you and your partner will be in good hands when book your coaching with me. Click the button bellow to book your free discovery session.

 Abusive Partner. 

If you are in an abusive relationship, and you don’t feel safe, please take the neccessary action now to find safety. 

You can call the REFUGE Hotline: 0808 2000 247.

If you need help determining what to do or someone to speak to confidentially, please book a Free Discovery Session with me.

Coaching Executives, Teams and Employees for Growth, Development, Emotional Overwhelm, Burnout & Stress Management, etc.

If you are an executive with several teams working for your organisation, managing all the teams effectively can often be quite exhausting.  Ineffective management and supervison of team members, especially newly-employed members of staff, 

can result in the following:

-Uncontrolled Stress for you and your team-members

-Burnout for you because of your worries about what’s working and what’s not working

-Reduced Productivity for your company or business. 

-And much more.


Or Perhaps…

One or two of your Staff Members are going through a breakup or divorce? Have you noticed  change in their behaviour? 

Do you think they are under some stress?

 I can Coach your Employees to Recovery – from the pain of their divorce or breakup. 

Here’s my invitation to work with me.

As an Executive and Teams Coach, I can help you and your Organisation get back on track,  so that you and your members of staff can regain momentum and enjoy your work and your successes.


Click here the button below to have a quick chat with me about your  Company’s coaching needs.

About Dr Grace Anderson

Dr Grace is a highly qualified and experienced Master Transformational Coach, NLP Practitioner and a Divorce & Breakup Recovery Specialist, having been trained and Certified as a Master Practitioner by Sara Davison, the International Divorce Recovery Specialist. 

Grace is also an accredited Couples and Family Coach, specialising in helping couples heal their relationships and renew their love for each other. It is usually easier to remain in a current relationship, if possible, unless where one of the partners is abusive. 

If you are in an abusive relationship, please seek help without delay.

 Dr Anderson has many Coaching certifications, including Relationship, Couples Coaching, Goal Success, Confidence,Spiritual, Life Purpose Coaching, Executive and Teams’ Coaching, Stress and Burnout Management, etc.

Apart from all that, Dr Grace is a retired Headteacher, An award-winning Author and Writer and a Public Speaker on Various Success Strategies For Living a Successful Life as well as Spiritual Matters.

Dr Grace is an Associate Member of Resolution. 


Dr Grace Anderson

Some of Dr Grace's Accreditations & Memberships.

Here's a Brief Introduction...

Divorce & Breakup Recovery Coaching by Dr. Grace Anderson

How It Works


Dr Grace uses various coaching tools to help you understand what has happened, get clarity of your current situation and find ways to recover in order to move on with your life.


Dr Grace gives you a generous Free 30 Minutes for your first coaching session. She enables you to unload your pain of the breakup so she can fully understand your viewpint and plan the necessary caoching steps to help you achieve fast success.


Dr Grace trained to Coach Men and Women. However, she currently specializes in coaching Women of all races, and Couples. Couples will be coached individually at the beginning, in order to diffuse any conflict during the initial sessions.

Do you really want to get over the pain of your breakup or divorce? Are you seriously looking to rebuild your life for the better? If YES, then work with Dr Grace to get your new life started as soon as possible.

Advantages Of Intensive

I invite you to enrol on my Intensive Coaching Programme. You will get the maximum benefit when you enrol in this programme, because you will also have access to my other useful resources, like books or courses.

These are added as bonuses to my one-to-one coaching sessions. See the advantages below. Fill out the form below to get started.


Why Choose Us


Dr Anderson is highly Professional. She knows the nature of a breakup and the confidentiality that the situation demands. She will ensure that all your interactions with her are kept completely confidential, unless you give her permission to share part of your conversations with a Professional like a Family Lawyer or other Professional and Approved Government Officials of your choice.

Great Success

You can quickly begin to see the shift in your situation if you apply the techniques that Dr Grace will share with you to move you on very quickly from your pain to full recovery. While she cannot wave a magic wand to take all your pain away, she will help you find various resources that will help you get your feet back firmly on the ground. Check out the Testimonials of her many happy clients.

Personal Experience

Dr Grace had a Divorce a while ago when her six children were still very young. She had to find a way to cope well in order that her children could have a stable emotional growth. She did cry a lot at first, but she soon realised that her Ex had moved on with other women. It was tough to bear. So, she knows your pain and has various strategies and tools to help you make very quick progress in recovering from your “loss”, regaining your self confidence and moving on


Dr Grace has several books and courses that can help you understand how to:
-Reclaim Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
-How to Learn From Highly successful People like Oprah Winfrey, etc
-How to Use Positive Affirmations to recover your zeal for living a good life
-How to Find and Recognize Your True Love – if you wish to date again and find a new partner
-How to keep your current relationship if you have one and make it truly happy

What Our Clients Say!

Excellent Coaching Style and Tools!


I didn’t prepare myself for any positive outcome as I have probably related my story millions of times to those  that shouldn’t have known about my business. Well, I guess this comes from dealing with pain of domestic abuse and the loss I felt, losing all I have worked for to my Ex. When I was introduced to Dr Grace, I probably didn’t expect anything different from my previous experience.


 Dr Grace’s coaching style greatly exceeded my expectations. Her coaching tools and strategies  that she shared with me were excellent and easy to apply in my daily life.


 Being able to share my hopes and plans for the future created a powerful platform for me to 

have new strengths to pursue new hopes for a better life for me and my kids.


 I now feel so free, having been able to tackle the most important issues I have always 

been afraid of. It was such a powerful moment dealing with my spirituality alongside 

my divorce issue. I didn’t want the sessions to end.


Dr Grace is amazing, and I unreservedly give her five stars –  5*****




Dr. Anderson is more than a ‘coach.’ She is a professional who listens to you as a friend without judging you, helping you unpack the many burdens of being human. Dr. Anderson uses a wide range of tools to help you grow and find the right balance to achieve your goals. The quality of service she provides is outstanding and definitely gives value for money. I will use this service anytime any day.

Ernestina C.

Texas, USA.

                                         Very Impressive!


I am very grateful to Dr Anderson for helping us save our marriage. When we started our Coaching Sessions with her over the phone, we were a bit sceptical, wondering what she could do for us that we hadn’t already done before. However, her methodical way of looking at details and setting us goals, made it so much easier for us to look at our marital problems dispassionately and gradually arrive at a peaceful and amicable settlement. My husband and I are now very happy together. I highly recommend Dr Anderson as a relationship coach.

Florence S.

Connecticut, USA.

                                         Very Quick Results!

 I was not happy at all in my Marriage. There was no real communication between me an my Ex. He cheated on me many times – I am sure because he was always out, and never told me where he was going etc. To make matters worse, he returned from work one day and told me he was leaving me for another woman.

I cried my eyes out! We eventually got divorced. After the divorce, I found everything really difficult until a friend recommended Dr Grace.
Wow, what a relief – even after just one session! She set up an Action Plan with me. Since working on those actions, things have improved vastly for me. I highly recommend Dr Grace, if you need help getting over your divorce or breakup pain.

Alice, B.

London, UK.

Personal Development & Relationship Courses.


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