Abusive relationship help


If you have an Ex like I do, you will know that the evil game of wanting to destabilise you never ends!

Recently, my eldest son told me how his father, my Ex, told him: “Stop supporting your evil mother!”

My son said he laughed and told his father calmly:

 “Well, Dad, why did you marry her in the first place? If she was that evil, why did you live with her for over 25 years and impregnated her so many times, that she had six children for you? After all, you chose her… I wasn’t there when you told the world that you loved her and wedded her in Church!

If she is “evil” now – just because she divorced you, have you asked yourself what you did wrong in the marriage? Why, Dad, did she divorce you after so many years of marriage to you? It couldn’t have been all her fault! Dad, do you consider yourself a Saint?”

His father got truly angry and accused my son of becoming “evil” just like his mother!

It was a laughing matter for us, but a painful one at the same time.

Unfortunately, the abuse never stops – even when you’ve been divorced for over 20 years!

So, how do you cope with your malicious Ex?

1. Put on your Teflon Coat – this is like a raincoat that does not soak in any water whatsoever. Water and other fluids fall off and you are not affected in any way. Use your imaginary Teflon Coat in Court, if you are still going through your divorce. Protect your heart with it too, so, you are not affected emotionally in a negative way.

2. Your Ex is a Game-Player. His aim is to destabilise you, so you will lose your cool in court, break down, and start crying in front of his Lawyer and the Judge etc. Don’t let his evil game get to you. He wants to weaken you so he can win!

3. Set Your Expectations Really Low – as low to the ground as possible.

If you set your expectations as low as possible, you will not be disappointed when your Ex tries his best to toggle with your heart with his cruel words:

“I’ve always known that you are incapable of achieving anything good by yourself”.

“You are unstable…how can you even cope with life without me?”

“You are not a fit parent…”

And so many more.

If you set your expectations of your Ex really low, you will be able to celebrate whatever little wins you get in court, or in any face-to-face transactions with him.

If nothing goes as you hoped, then you won’t be too disappointed.

If you need help coping with your emotional overwhelm during a breakup or divorce, I am here to help.

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